Boz Boorer can rightly be described as being at the heart of the British music scene. This brilliant guitarist, songwriter and producer has been known to music fans the world over as co-writer, guitarist and musical director with Morrissey, for three decades, as well as being a founding member of legendary neo-rockabilly band, The Polecats. On top of this, Boz produces promising newcomers in his Portugal studio, writes songs for many other artists, and works with long-time collaborators and friends such as Edwyn Collins, Adam Ant, Spider Stacey (from The Pogues), Paul Cook (The Professionals / Sex Pistols), Nina Diaz (Girl in a Coma) or Victor Torpedo (Parkinsons).
As a first teaser for his new album, Boz Boorer is now releasing two new top-class singles, both of which will be released at the same time on his 60th birthday. On the one hand, for “Initials BB”, a Serge Gainsbourg classic, he brought the great singer and lyricist James Maker back into the studio as a long-time musical collaborator, as well as the British rapper Lusty, with whom Boz Boorer also has a long-standing musical relationship, for the second new single “A Good Day Tomorrow”. The two had already released two albums as Happy Martyr.

Boz about “Initials BB (feat. James Maker)”:
“James Maker suggested Initials BB as a cover a long while ago and as I prepped the backing track. I found a great old documentary about Serge Gainsbourg producing the track, I’ve always loved the original arrangemen. We listen to Classic FM a lot and my wife Lyn recently pointed out the similarity between this song and Debussy’s 9th symphony. The only time I have managed to get my wife and both daughters in the studio at one time to sing backing vocals to James’s interpretation of the lyrics. James also persuaded to me to put some Boz guitar on it and the final chord is thanks to Tim Polecat, he showed me the last chord of the James Bond Theme, recreated here.”

Boz about “A Good Day Tomorrow (feat. Lusty)”:
“A Good Day Tomorow” started off life as a track I had written for a band called 12 Dirty Bullets, nice bunch of young lads, I wrote them some tracks using beats and chord structures they hadn’t use yet, they didn’t use this track although they did finish another. When we were looking at tracks for the new Happy Martyr album, Lusty liked this track and did a great job finding that melody for the chorus, Joe then took it to another place with his backing vocals, Dave Ruffy (The Ruts) put the drums on quite early on and middle instrumental is a nod to ‘Been A Long Time’ by Andy Ellison, singer from one of my fave bands ‘John’s Children’.”

To stream and download (feat. Lusty) go to : https://bozboorer.lnk.to/AGoodDayTomorrow

To stream and download (feat. James Maker) go to ; https://bozboorer.lnk.to/InitialsBB

Both singles are the first precursors to Boz Boorer’s next solo album “Initials BB”.

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