Polish Black metal unleashed in July

Pure evil with an oppressive and obscure spirit drenched in suicidal invocations. Is how one would describe POENARI‘s Wrath, War, Lucifer release. With the album again rising from the darkness via US Label EEE Recordings on July 13th, after first being released on cassette back in 2013. Poland’s POENARI and Wrath, War, Lucifer offer nothing here for rebellion filled “Black Metal youth” this is not mall Metal or faux evil trend Metal to piss your mommy off with. This a tight fist wrapped around black hearts and longing spirits. Fantastic underground, Black/Death Metal with just the right mixture of eeriness, disdain, malevolence and melody. Features a guest vocal spot from Beldaroh of Polish Black Metal Vets Besatt.

STREAM & BUY: http://www.eeerecordings.com/
LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/POENARI.official

Wrath, War, Lucifer Tracklisting:
1.Angels Wing
3.On Fire
5.Sons of Life
7.Of Madness

Poenari are:
Lukasz Szulczyk (Vocals)
Krzysztof Zdanowicz (Vocal)
Daniel Babecki (Guitar)
Krogul (Bass)
Lukasz Tomczak (Drums)