An Icy Blast From Italy


Welcome to black metal at its coldest

Namter is devoted to Black Metal in its most instinctual and primordial form. Conceived as a manifestation of ancestral forces.

The band tell us: “Black Metal is for us a form of extreme Art, made of spirit, and not simply “music”. It represents an instrument of revolt against the modern society and the world it has created, against its habits, that have lead mankind far away from its true essence.”

Mother Nature and the mountains are the true sources of inspiration for Namter: “We have set our gaze towards what is above, towards the supreme heights and the horizons of our soul, towards the purity of millenary glaciers,” they explain.

Their new album is out now. Find out more below

“Il rifugio della creazione” track listing
1. Dal crepuscolo
2. Nella luce del fuoco
3. Il suicidio della morte
4. Presagio
5. Il rifugio della creazione
6. Introspettiva umanità disvelante
7. Nell’aurora
8. Dolore è luce

Professional Cd
€ 8 plus postage
For info or order
namterart@libero.itAvailable a digital version of the album

Official Namter page

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