Priestgate are a 5 piece indie band from Driffield, East Yorkshire consisting of Rob Schofield (vocals), Connor Bingham (lead), Cameron Sampson (bass), Bridie Stagg (drums) and Isaac Ellis (rhythm). After a stellar year of experimentation, abstraction and performing to ever more enlivened crowds, they are now constructing something new in their psychoactive soundscape. Keep your ears free of protection, and your eyes covered with your favourite goggles in anticipation for the next time you encounter Priestgate beaming; bright sonics advance your way.

 Discussing ‘NOW‘, Priestgate explain:

NOW‘ is our ode to understanding life the way it really stands. As a band and group of friends, we all know we have made our fair share of mistakes. We also know that everyone listening has made their fair share too, and will continue to mess up inevitably along the way in their individual journeys, just as equally as we will too. Our collective perception of the experiences in our youth have been distilled and refined into ‘NOW‘. We have taken inspiration from RIDE, The Cure and Slowdive, curdling them together into a sonic tonic ready for fresh digestion and growth into our styles. The result is pulsing, rhythmic and breathing with young life.