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SURTUR’s debut MCD gets released

On February 26th the Witches Brew label released the debut MCD from the four headed beast from the Bangladesh underground SURTUR, giving the EP its first official release including a reworked layout. Previously released as a CD-r this short, but intense EP depicts “a true heavy metal fantasy about the arrival of a messiah from the old school roots who will put reins on all that is phony and immaterial.” Featuring 4 tracks, one instrumental opener and three hair flying, fist pumping bangers that aim to stay close to the ancient footsteps of late 80’s and early 90’s thrash!
SURTUR - Descendant of Time cover art_zps1fe5ae4n
01. Prologue to Chaos -02:04-
02. Descendant of Time -04:19-
03. Maggot Filled Brain -04:58-
04. Demolisher -03:46-
SURTUR “Descendant Of Time” MCD is available now on the

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