THE DAYDREAM DISTRICT is the brainchild of husband and wife, Scott and Jeni Ivey. Part rock, part pop, part 90s alternative, THE DAYDREAM DISTRICT brings an eclectic fusion of sound that spirals through different genres.

THE DAYDREAM DISTRICT have released their new single ‘Hail Mary Martyrs’, now available on all digital platforms via Golden Robot Records‘Hail Mary Martyrs’ is the follow up to the recently released single ‘Novocaine for the soul’.

With the addition of Danny Sullivan on drums and Lou TufillaroIV on bass ‘Hail Mary Martyrs’ flexes a muscle previously unseen in THE DAYDREAM DISTRICT. The confident and hard-hitting rock track shows the band fully in their element, blending 90’s rock idiosyncrasies with modern production.

Lyrically, ‘Hail Mary Martyrs’ illustrates the throes of a 21st century existential crisis that someone like Fydor Dostoevsky might feel at home reading.

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The Daydream District is a band from Raleigh, NC that is equal parts hard and pop rock, with a twist of lemon. Blending esoteric, neurotic lyrics with catchy sing-along choruses, the band has a keen pop sensibility peppered with revivalist 90s rock stylings.

The band released its debut album, God Damned the Scatterbrain in April 2021. The album is described by fans as “an album that flows with purpose and poise, and is filled with vibrant melodies – reminiscent of REM.”

In August 2021, the band signed with Golden Robot Records for its upcoming releases. With its album release and quick succession of singles, The Daydream District is proving itself to be an artist to watch in the coming years.