Sydney hard rockers Avalanche are back with their new single Get Back (To F*ckwit City), out now via X-Ray Records. Get Back (To F*ckwit City) is the follow up to their recent single Permanent Ink.

Avalanche are 4 misfits from Sydney’s west, playing electrifying, roof-crashing, rock n’ roll for a new generation.

Get Back (To F*ckwit City) is a raw, punchy and anthemic ode to the band’s hometown and the often-fascinating civilians which reside in it. Recorded at DEF WOLF Studios with producer and engineer Mark Matula, the track utilises a warm, old-school feel, practically recorded live in the studio with a no fills, no frills, guitar-in-amp, stripped-back approach. This is the song you’ll be singing in your head whenever you’re stuck in traffic, when you miss your train, when your boss pi**es you off, when your folks kick you out, when you’re cut off at the bar… when you’re urinating on a city wall in front of a cop. This is your song.

Stream/buy Get Back (To F*ckwit City) HERE