A recent signing to Bread & Butter Records, Mudspitters is a rock trifecta epitomizing modern day frustrations and emotions that people deal with on an everyday basis. Different Hues is the follow up to the recently released single Carry You (Through The Trip). Mudspitters deliver deep and intense alternative rock that will haunt your thoughts.

Different Hues is a song exemplifying and expressing self-reflection, confusion and lastly gratitude on being shown a new perspective that opens up the world in an entirely new way. We recorded this track during quarantine in the garage of Hunter’s house. With the tensions of the world and frustrations of my personal life, I worked with Hunter and Sandy (2/3 of Mudspitters) to connect a sound to the feelings that have been pounding in my heart and soul. This song was written out of love for someone else but the more I listen to it the more it feels like love for who I’m becoming”
– Kai Carlton

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