The Cides’ Paul Hayward was the co-founder of early UK punk band The Molesters (late 70s early ’80s) writing songs about social injustice, apartheid and equal rights. Much of those issues remain but add war, government overreach, LGBT struggles, and a host of other issues suppressing the working class. ”Black Flag’ hits hard right from the start with the line, “I’ve had enough of these government fuckers!”. A political punk protest song putting the state and religion on notice with uplifting sing-along anthems and melodic hooks.

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“When the Queen of England died it made me think of their national anthem, particularly the lines: “send her victorious” and even worse “born to reign over us”
“How can someone be “born to reign over” everyone else? And people are happy to sing abouttheir servitude?””More people have been killed in the name of ‘god’ than for any other reason. And what a control team they make: the king and religion. We say: NO GODS, NO MASTERS – NO SURRENDER!” says Hayward.

This year, The Cides kicked off a string of singles and videos recorded and produced by the legendary John Cornfield of Sawmills Studio (Muse, Oasis, Supergrass). The punk rock cut “Wakeup England” (April 8), “That’s Not Love” (May 20), and “Red Light Situation (July 22). Now “Black Flag” (Oct 7).
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The Cides are:Paul Hayward – vocals, guitar
Joe Bradley – bass
Jack Goodwin-Hayward – drums
Yannick Tournier – guitarBart – vocals