Hailing from a small town in Virginia, and dubbed a “power-packed country rocker,” Morgan Wade grew up surrounded by bluegrass while possessing an affinity for pop and rock, steering her to meld her influences and create a sound uniquely her own.

And now, with her forthcoming debut album Reckless, being released on March 19th via Thirty Tigers, Wade is embracing her strengths and quirks as she asks questions about who she is and who she wants to be.

“I feel like the last couple of years have been me trying to figure out where I fit in, who I fit in with, and what’s going on,” says Wade. “When I wrote these songs, I was going through a lot, just trying to figure out who I am and what the hell I’m doing. This is different than anything I’ve ever done before. It’s opened up a bunch of different lanes––and I’m proud of it.”

Working alongside Sadler Vaden as producer, long-time guitarist for Jason Isbell as well as an acclaimed solo artist, and Paul Ebersold as engineer, the trio worked together on a new set of songs, spread out over the course of two separate weeks in the studio, shaping songs Wade has written over the years and developing brand new tracks, including the single ‘Wilder Days’.

“It honestly just came together perfectly in the studio,” reveals Wade. “Sadler and I had the same visions for how ‘Wilder Days’ should sound. It’s about falling in love with someone at the wrong time. Two people being at two different stages in life and just wishing they were on the same page. It’s about knowing if they could go back in time, they would work.”

‘Wilder Days’ follows the release of ‘Don’t Cry’ in December 2020, along with a music video featuring Wade performing at Dee’s Cocktail Lounge and Bar in Nashville. Watch the video here.

Wade, now 26, only began performing in public seven years ago at 19, when she put her backing band the Stepbrothers together via Craiglist and discovered she loved the stage. Since then, the singer-songwriter has taken her writing and her voice public, with Whiskey Riff declaring, “Morgan combines a powerful, bone-chilling voice with close-to-the-heart lyrics and open, honest songs about the struggles of everyday life and love…every fan who wants their music real, raw and true, can find solace in Morgan Wade.”

Reckless Track List
1. Wilder Days
2. Matches and Metaphors
3. Other Side
4. Don’t Cry
5. Mend
6. Last Cigarette
7. Take Me Away
8. Reckless
9. Northern Air
10. Met You