Raucous punk-two piece CRASHACE return with another dose of abrasive rock music on their new single ‘Arguments’. Fresh off the back of their debut EP Heavy Infectious, which was released in June, the band are continuing their forward motion with yet another massive, youthful anthem. You can listen to ‘Arguments’ here

Sonically, CRASHFACE are somewhere between Bring Me the Horizon on their POST HUMAN EP and Danger Days era My Chemical Romance. Most noticeably, however, they slot into the current British punk scene like a glove: think Strange Bones, Wargasm and Trash Boat. What CRASHFACE share with these bands is a desire to stretch punk and pop-punk to new places by incorporating elements of electronics, while still retaining an in-your-face attitude and the rough edges that the genre is known for. Speaking about ‘Arguments’, CRASHFACE say: “This is a song about wanting to be left alone when people are lining up just to stab you in the back. Trust, betrayal and knives!” 

The band will play their first headline show at The Grace, London on the 27th November. Last minute tickets can be purchased here.


Charlie Hinton
Otto Balfour


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