Van Basten Scores – Again


Album gets the vinyl treatment

Vanessa Van Basten’s “La Stanza di Swedenborg” is a classic cult of Italian post rock.

It has first released in 2006 by Radiotarab, Eibon, Cold Current, Noise Cult on CD only.

Taxi Driver Records released the vinyl version for the first time at the end of 2015: blue vinyl record in gatefold cover, first press limited to 500 copies individually numbered, remastered (by Emi Cioncoloni at El Fish Studio, Genova) and partially different from the CD version.


Side A

La stanza di Swedenborg



Giornada de oro

Il faro

Side B


Vanja/Good Morning, Vanessa Van Basten!


Guitar, Synthesizer, Sampler, Computer, Harmonica, Percussion, Glockenspiel, Percussion: Morgan Bellini

Bass, Synthesizer, Computer: Stefano Parodi

Vanessa Van Basten was born in Genova, Italy, in 2005 as a one-man band founded by Morgan Bellini.

“La Stanza di Swedenborg” (2006) is the first full-length album, where bassist Stefano Parodi (now in Mope) entered as a permanent member of the band. A cinematic mix of Post-Rock, Doom Metal and Shoegaze: quite a new sound within the Italian underground scene in that period.

After ten years being a point of reference for the Italian shoegaze and post rock scene, periods of live shows, studio project, in 2015 Morgan Bellini announced that Vanessa Van Basten was taking an indefinite break after the release of “Disintegration EP” via Taxi Driver Records, a limited edition 10” vinyl record containing his personal interpretation of 4 tracks of The Cure’s masterpiece.

This is what Morgan Bellini says about the release of “La Stanza di Swedenborg” on vinyl:

“La Stanza Di Swedenborg” (The Room of Swedenborg) was very poorly recorded. Only 500mb ram available, laptop fan causing audio feedback, low quality instruments, neither drummer nor amplification.

I wrote those tracks for myself, as background music for my thoughts and meditation. It sounds like many other albums of its generation, but for me and Stefano it has been our way to unleash our imagination, in a period when playing heavy and with positive vibes was still possible at the same time.

This remaster gave new birth also to the terrific feedback solo by Claudio Parodi at the end of the album. “Giornada De Oro” and the second part of “Floaters” are the moments I personally prefer, however vinyl format will avoid you to skip tracks!

“In my opinion here you can find something more than huge rumbles and thunders of faraway hurricanes.

I see a sparkle, a true burst of light.

It is dedicated to those years in Genova and to all people who like to imagine a movie while listening to music, comfortably (or uncomfortably) sitting in the Room of their mind.”

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