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Progressive, sludge, horror synth outfit Upcdownc who are set to release their new album ‘I, Awake’ on 22nd September have shared a crushing live video session for latest track ‘Am I Awake? Pt 4’.

Filmed by audiovisual company Papercrane Recordings it captures some of the bands intense, fuzzy heaviness.

Horror is one theme that is constant throughout ‘I, Awake’ and the band were heavily influenced by composers such as Fabio Frizzi, John Carpenter alongside the Shogun Assassin soundtrack, which led to the use of synthesizers on the album.  Guitarist Chris Garth adds, ‘we liked the idea of lots of small sections put together in bigger passages so that they form one whole entire piece which doesn’t necessarily have to be played in the same order when playing live. We had also started to use loops but wanted to keep things simple so used them more for textures rather than melodies, as we always like to record live with minimal overdubs.’ 
 The concept behind the music and artwork is based on the idea of sleep, dreams, nightmares and fears coupled with extreme anxiety and night terrors. ‘I, Awake’ explores the transitions between sleep and waking life.
Since forming in 2000 Upcdownc have gone on to the share the stage with the likes of Bossk, 65daysofstatic and Oneida as well as sound carrying for the legendary Can frontman Damo Suzuki, and appearing at festivals including ArcTanGent and Belgium’s Dunk! Festival. Upcdownc have also announced a series of shows to support the release of ‘I, Awake’.
Upcoming live shows:
15th Sept – Birthdays, London
16th Sept – Sticky Mikes, Brighton
20th Oct – Hijack, Bolougne Sur Mer
22nd Oct – Music City, Antwerp
‘Constantly exploring the boundaries of their medium and constantly pushing those boundaries outwards’ – Echoes & Dust
‘Another great album, it’s no great surprise’ – Rock Sound 
‘Blissful crescendos and carefully layered guitar lines‘ – The Skinny
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