Under Oath


Influenced by the likes of Candlemass, here’s an Italian Doom album

Terror From Hell is proud to present the third studio album by Black Oath.

With its 55 minutes of obscure and mystical heavy doom metal, “To Below and Beyond” is a concept album that deals with themes such as alchemy, mysticism, and the downfall of the human race; it is the most melodic and best produced album by the band, but at the same time it is also the darkest and heaviest one.

R_HDPwd_Y2chf-iB6806Smaf1x1lJgIWwG6FKJ5Qb1sWith this new album Black Oath offer their typical sound, heavily influenced by pillars of the genre such as Candlemass and Solitude Aeternus.

Tracklist 1. Donum dei 2. Wicked Queen 3. I Am Athanor 4. Mysterion 5. Flesh to Gold 6. Sermon Through Fire 7. Healing Hands of Time 8. To Below and Beyond/Ars diaboli

Credits A.Th – guitars, bass, voce; Chris Z. – drums; B.R. – guitars Ghiulz (Bulldozer) – guitars


Link http://www.blackoath.com http://www.elektroplasmamusik.eu

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