Top Ten: Bands/Artists I wish I’d have seen live


Donnie reveals the bands and artists he wishes he had seen live but never got the chance to.  Who makes your Top Ten?

I have been fortunate over the past 25 years and several hundred gigs to see pretty much all of my favourite bands and artists, and I have quite a few of them!! However, my record collection, some 3,500 albums or so is littered with music by artists that I have never seen live or due to one reason or another, usually death, means I will never get to see them in the flesh.

This fact doesn’t dull my love for the band or artist but it does leave a hole that can never be filled no matter how many live dvd’s I watch or live recordings I listen to. However, there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it so it is pointless pining over something you never had. That said, I thought it was time to share with you all my Top Ten list of bands/artists that I dearly wish I could have seen live but never will.

The List

Led Zeppelin – seeing them live circa 1970-1973 would have been perfect. However I wasn’t born then so that’s my parents fault!!
Rory Gallagher – never discovered Rory until the late 1990’s by which time he had sadly past away a few years earlier. Thankfully there is plenty of dvd footage to watch but see him live taking his guitar right to the edge must have been a joy to behold.
Jimi Hendrix – for any serious lover of the guitar this one is a no-brainer.
The Doors – they toured Europe in 1968 so that would have been an ideal time to catch them with Jim Morrison in full flow and the band sounding tighter than ever.
Johnny Cash – being a rock/metal/blues guy I never really paid country any real attention, parents playing John Denver songs in the house never helped, but there was something different and unique about Johnny Cash and in his heyday around the time of the Prison concerts it must have been a thrill to watch him.
Stevie Ray Vaughan – the guitar-slinging master of blues rock is sorely missed in the music world and those who saw him live must be feeling pretty blessed since his untimely passing.
Grateful Dead – the greatest Jam band of all-time where the gig could go on all night. Perfect way to spend a summer’s evening.
Pink Floyd – given the obscure nature and lack of commerciality of Floyd’s music it’s somewhat surprising that they achieved such worldwide adulation and tens of millions of record sales. One of the best bands in the world in their 1970’s peak. Question is whether I would prefer seeing them with Syd Barrett or without. That’s a whole new problem.
The Clash – I had the pleasure of seeing Joe Strummer & The Mescalero’s live but not The Clash. Another band just before my time but one of the greatest bands of all-time and from the footage I’ve seen their gigs were a (White) riot!!
Thin Lizzy – At one stage the greatest rock band on the planet. The sight of Phil Lynott at his best would make the hairs on your neck stand to attention. A phenomenal band on record and even better live.
Warren Zevon – a master songwriter and musician who deserves to be alongside the Springsteen’s & Dylan’s of this world but never gets the same kudos despite a stunning back catalogue.

That’s my list done. How about you? What bands or artists do you wish you could have seen live but never got the opportunity to?


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