Alex Henry Foster‘s Alive. Never Alone. is an initiative that came up following the loss of a friend in France. Foster, who’s opened up about grief, sorrow, and loneliness through his music and found much freedom in the acceptance of shadowy thoughts, explains more about his idea:“Following the passing of a friend who recently lost a long battle against sorrows, along with your overwhelming demand for me to offer hand-crafted masks (which I wasn’t comfortable doing at first as I didn’t want to brand this terrible crisis nor did I want to make it a fashion statement), I decided to create the “Alive.” collection.

All the profits will go to Suicide Action, a Montreal organisation, in order not only to honor my friend’s memory, but also to remind us all of the high importance to keep on believing in the ability for love and compassion to make a tremendous difference in our lives and that of others. It doesn’t take much light to conquer darkness…

If you need to talk, if you feel depressed, lost, or if you are fighting with desperation and hopelessness, please don’t hesitate to reach out, may it be to a friend or a stranger. There’s no need to walk alone in the darkness, whatever the reasons we may have to do so… Trust me… I know!” – Alex Henry Foster

Head to for more info and watch the video here.

Alex Henry Foster’s debut solo album, Windows in the Sky is out now, available at

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