Canadian artist, Alex Henry Foster presents Shadows of Our Evening Tides. A soothing song in video form that has seen almost 700,000 views online representing an immersive and contemplative journey about finding peace through grieving time and living with the regrets of moments left undone.

This track is taken from the epic post-rock album Windows In The Sky, released on May 1st by Hopeful Tragedy Records.

Watch the video here or stream on Spotify.

Featuring American poet Allen Ginsberg reading his masterful work “Song”, considered one of the great works of American literature, Shadows of Our Evening Tides by Alex Henry Foster, is an immersive and contemplative journey about longing for a safe place to lay down, about the eagerness to let go in the context of a life that keeps on distancing itself so hastily that any personal emancipation ultimately looks totally out of our reach. It’s about accepting to see ourselves under a softer light, all while living with the regrets of moments left undone… of losing what can’t ever be replaced.

“The lyrics originated from a short essay I wrote about the ineluctable choice we have to either keep on pursuing a genuine and fulfilling form of unreachable higher happiness or to become the mirroring projection of an aesthetic kind of self-created elation set for other’s envy to feed our own need for personal acknowledgment,” explains Foster. “It’s an allegory between the elusive world I was not only a part of but kept on resolutely building, as opposed to the simple joyful autarky embraced by the people who live in the old part of Tangier… a fascinating, yet shocking difference.

Therefore, even though I kept the undertone of that essay, I decided to expose it from a different angle by using a more barren and direct type of lyrical approach, which magnified the delicate and singular nature of the song into some gospel hymnal uplift that keeps “Shadows of Our Evening Tides” free from time and space, in a way, so that emotions can be felt and not only be perceived or become the object of a never-ending philosophical contemplation.”

Taken from the forthcoming album, Windows in the Sky whilst isolating from the shock of his father’s death in Tangier, Morocco in 2016 Shadows of Our Evening Tides is the one track that represents the best of what Tangier means to Alex Henry Foster; a place defined as much by the sea as by the desert. Standing in between both gives the city a unique meaning, making it a place that always finds a way to reflect light through the shadows of time, and which, just like water and sand, remains elusive to anyone trying to capture its complexity, to own its heart, to explain its spirit or possess its soul. It’s a city free from anyone’s ambition… like home should be.

“Shadows of Our Evening Tides” follows the roiling tumult of his previous singles, The Hunter (By The Seaside Window) – a 15 minute short film shot in the Canadian Wilderness and Summertime Departures – a powerful musing on the finality of mortality.

Pre-order Windows in The Sky here and watch Alex Henry Foster and The Long Shadows perform for an hour live from their Church space in Montreal, Canada on Prog Magazine at 2pm this Friday May 1st on Facebook at .

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