“Scandinavian Thunder” is the second studio album by Swedish action rock group The Drippers. Following the success of their praised debut album “Action Rock” from 2019, the Gothenburg power trio returns with an album that’s more furious and action-packed than ever before. With all knobs turned to eleven, the band delivers an uncompromising discharge of raw power. An intense dual vocal attack with screaming guitars, thunderous bass and hammering drums.

“Scandinavian Thunder” contains 11 tracks of high energy rock n’ roll. The band has once again teamed up with Tomas Skogsberg, who recorded and mixed the album in the legendary Sunlight Studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Tomas is the operator behind classic recordings from The Hellacopters, Gluecifer, Entombed and Backyard Babies, to name a few.

Viktor, bass player and vocalist of The Drippers, comments:
“Scandinavian Thunder is the ultimate record that we wanted to make, we wanted to push everything to the max. The idea was to make the punky filth blend with the authoritarian power of hard rock, all with a straightforward Rock n’ Roll drive. The songs are kinda catchy and structured, we set it up to be a controlled chaos”.

“With the state of the world, we had so much frustration to channel and it gave us that extra spark. The screams on the album are from the bottom of our souls. Tomas Skogsberg stepped up into another level of producing on this one, he really took on the George Martin role and was super involved in every detail. He would push us until our fingers and vocal chords were bleeding, and in the end it paid off. Get ready for some Scandinavian Thunder!”

“Scandinavian Thunder” is released on all streaming platforms on the 10th of December, 2021. The album is set for CD and vinyl release in early 2022.
The Drippers:
Viktor Skatt – Vocals/Bass
William Dickborn – Vocals/Guitar
Niclas Kristoferson – Drums
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