The debut, self-titled EP by Swedish alternative rock group Bring the Hoax is out now on Lövely Records. Combining sweet melodies with fuzzed out guitars into colorful, energetic, and dynamic rock music, the EP “Bring the Hoax” offers 5 crackling tracks that, among other things, take you on a road trip to Mexico, a jungle trip in the deepest Guyana and all the way back to 1993. Taking inspiration from the massive soundscapes coming out from the punk-, indie- and grunge-era of the 90s and blending it with their own distinct, fresh sound, “Bring the Hoax” includes everything you want in an action-packed 2022 indie rock record.

“We‘re constantly striving for the perfect blend of coarse-grained oversteered guitars that meets sweet melodies in some sort of asymmetrical harmony. And I think we did a pretty good job on hese tracks! – Hasse Karlsson

“Dynamic energy, soft aggression and distorted harmony, all in the same package” – Karl Nordahl

“Bring the Hoax” was recorded by the band themselves, in rehearsal room and studio, and mixed by Markus Ingberg. The EP is available on all streaming platforms from the 28th of October, 2022. 

“Jonestown” Music video:

“Los Angeles” Music video:

Bring the Hoax:
Karl Nordahl – guitar and vocals
Hasse Karlsson – guitars and vocals
Sara Engström – bass
Mark Pettersson – drums

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