Classic film footage on new one

Cut using footage from 2001: A Space Odyssey, metal explorers THE EVER LIVING are pleased to unveil the video for track ‘Geometric Sleep’ – see it here. Vocalist and keyboardist Chris explains the decision: “We are living in a remix culture and the tried and tested formula for music videos is stale. A video should service the music, not massage the ego. Audiences these days aren’t sat in front of a television watching what one music channel puts in front of them all day, but instead making their own selections and listening on YouTube while viewing multiple tabs; which means bands can experiment and take risks. A beautifully shot film from the 60’s that’s set in the future perfectly fits the retro-futuristic sound of the track.”

Geometric Sleep appears on the bands recently released, self-titled, debut EP. “It was designed to show different sides of the band but to also be fairly straightforward for a first release. We didn’t want there to be any fat on the songs and it doesn’t let up much. It’s a good taster of what’s to come,” declares Chris. “The inception of our band was a written manifesto, the contents of which essentially boiled down to one word: intensity,” continues guitarist Andrei; “As we developed our sound we realised we wanted to be a heavy band, but not necessarily a “metal” band in the traditional sense and we have evolved deliberately with that in mind.”

THE EVER LIVING’s self titled debut EP is most certainly expansive, its five tracks constructed around tidal waves of thick guitars, atmospheric instrumentation and vocals that roar from the murky depths. “What we have created is heavily layered and intense,”elaborates Andrei, “We’re combining ideas from post, progressive and black metal with classical, industrial and electronic influences in a way that we have not heard other bands do.”

THE EVER LIVING self-titled EP tracklisting: 1. Stung By Something | 2. Separated At Death | 3. End Of Red I | 4. End Of Red II | 5. Geometric Sleep