Whilst Brisbane psych-peddlers Nice Biscuit celebrate the release of their brand new EP titled Create Simulate via Believe Digitalthe quintet have also revealed their new video for Candle, as the follow up from Fem Chem released late last year.

Pick up their new EP from https://linktr.ee/nicebiscuit and watch the new video here.

“This track mourns the loss of core knowledge destroyed by the killing and oppression of countless women during the burning times,” explains singer, Billie Star. In homage to the powerful Witch, Candle seeks to reframe the perception of this archetype, from evil sorcerer to revered healer and mother. “It is a song about women regaining their power through collectivism, creativity and inner work in order to lead us out of patriarchal dominance and into an age of equality,” adds Star. The track was recorded live and includes an amalgamation of past songs and riffs, pieces of a puzzle waiting to be put together. Each part of the song embodies a spell, a celebration and a heeded warning to learn from the mistakes of history.

The video for Candle was directed, edited and filmed by bassist, Nick Cavendish on Yuggera & Turrbal land and shot on Mini-DV. Although the song conveys a powerful and important message, the video adds an element of silly spookiness, which reflects the band’s light hearted DIY creative ethos. Featuring spinning household objects with dry ice, such as melting candles, tiny skulls and in silly cemetery and motorbike scenes, the video injects witchy elements without taking itself too seriously.

Singers Billie & Grace are known for their 60s meets 90s inspired self made and designed stage outfits that are always identical. The singers have been making matching costumes since the band’s beginning and have found power and comfort in crafting garments that present their collective identity. The costumes featured in the video clip embody the essence of the song. Although it can only be seen in snippets in the video, the centrepiece of the outfit is an asymmetrical black sparkly top reminiscent of a starry night sky with melting draped chiffon sleeve. This design is representative of the lyric “melting into the moonlit sky, their power lives on in disguise“. Rather than being a mere visual aspect, the costumes become a part of the message of the song.

As their core followers are well aware, Nice Biscuit are able to deliver the slowest, time-less, emotive, psych/ garage rock jams alongside upbeat, cinematic synth-fuelled rockets, such as Candle, packing a punch and keeping your hands on the wheel of their mesmeric journey into musical geometry. As they take the wondrous past of psychedelia into the next decade, the tunes from the Create Simulate EP serves as the light in dark times as the ghost of 2020 is replaced by the reality of the happenings of a very uncertain 2021 ahead.

If you missed it, watch the video for previous single, Fem Chem and await more magic from Under The Radar’s band’s to look out for in 2021 very soon.

EP tracklisting:

  1. Fem Chem
  2. Pink River
  3. Space Dogs
  4. Candle
  5. Limbs

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Nice Biscuit are:

Billie Star (vocals, keyboard, guitar, percussion)
Grace Cuell (vocals, keyboard, guitar, percussion)
Nick Cavendish (bass)
Jess Ferronato (guitar/vocals)
Kurt Melvin (drums)