Taking Liberties


From a Northamptonshire Attic to the world 

Alternative combo ‘Joykill Collective’ unleash their self-titled debut EP on Friday 4th March, through all stores and platforms.

Joykill Collective were initially conceived in the attic of an artistic commune in Northampton. Originally born as a solo project, Leif (Vocals/Guitar) soon hit upon the idea of drawing together talented friends and artists from various mediums. The project grew to include musicians, writers, poets and filmmakers, many of whom lived and worked in the same commune, diligently trying to make their way as artists in 21st century Britain.


Many late nights, drunken arguments and heated political debates followed as the friends and kindred spirits traded fading paperbacks, grew their own food on the rooftop garden and stayed up late into the night crafting lyrics, tracks and music videos. Soon, the ‘solo project’ went out the metaphorical window, and the collective grew as other voices swarmed to join in Leif’s politically-charged battle cries.

The band are currently exploring roads less travelled in Kazakhstan, China and Morocco, gaining inspiration from the places they’ve been, the people they’ve met and the stories they had to tell. Combining new experiences with their past of touring in bands supporting the likes of Skindred, Bullet For My Valentine and Frank Turner, the Joykill Collective draw influence from the world around them. Musically, they have a kinship for a range of artists stemming from David Bowie and the Beatles through to contemporaries such as Mastodon and Biffy Clyro.

With a new music video for their next single ‘Liberty Taker’ ready to go, and stocked with their self-titled debut EP, which deftly showcases the band’s eclectic influences while creating something untethered to any specific genre, the Joykill Collective’s manifesto is destined to be heard.

https://www.facebook.com/Joykillcollective/      https://twitter.com/_joykill


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