Grass roots movement starts 

A small group of music enthusiasts which includes DJ’s, band members, festival organisers and promoters have come together to create a new music site dedicated to supporting the future of the independent music community.
Lots of bands say they are not getting the reach across social media that they want, venues are shutting down due to fans not coming to the gigs and promoters are scratching their heads wondering how to bring the 2 together.
Using their combined knowledge of the music business from all angles a page was set up on Facebook using some of the social media sites’ best tools to help everyone and bring together a community to look out for each other.
The page ‘Support The Music Scene’ asks bands, promoters, venues etc to send a link to them via the private message function to their individual Facebook events. STMS then adds that event to their own events page. They promote the adding of subscribing to their events feed via Facebook and every time an event is added through their events page, all subscribers in the area of the gig are notified that an event has been added in their area. Similar to the email notifications you get through social sites like Bands In Town.
Not only that but the events are added to the newsfeed of everyone who likes the page.
The group of muso’s behind the idea have already been in touch with PR companies, radio stations, promoters and record labels and over the next few months will also be releasing a series of help guides on the page. Advise on how to get the best out of Facebook as a band, how to set up a successful kickstarter campaign, writing a decent electronic press kit are just some of the guides being planned.
Its worth checking out the page, adding friends who are into independent and unsigned music and also subscribing to the events page (just click the events tab) at