Stay With Me, Say Brave Vultures


No cliches here, says the singer

It began as an acoustic song in my room about a year ago. ‘With Me’ is basically about an average day in the life of me and my girlfriend. I take her to work, we always do a silly smile at each other before she has to leave, she comes home, we have some dinner, listen to some music etc,” discusses vocalist/guitarist Dom Littler, of Brave Vultures and their debut single’s humble origins. He continues; “The chorus is about my everyday insecurities  – I never really finish anything I start and I always feel like i could be bettering myself as a person.” Continuing with a heavy dose of normality, the band reveal the video was shot at guitarist Jack Hudson’s Dad’s lock up “because it looked very dusty and overgrown.” No frills, no fuss.

“I try to write to a realist style and cut the bullshit cliches”, says Littler with regard to the band’s forthcoming debut EP – ‘I’m Not Coming Back If You’re Not Here’ will be released 16th September. He continues “My lyrics are about my struggles with anxiety, love and relationships, a best friend recovering from a drug addiction and coming out of rehabilitation a better person.” Completed by bassist Harry Stokeley and drummer Richard Aries, Brave Vultures is the members’ self-proclaimed “escape from the world”, their sanctuary from real world pressures.

‘I’m Not Coming Back If You’re Not Here’ is the quartet’s guitar driven statement of intent, a first step in a career which Littler and his bandmates hope will save them from the mundanity of real jobs. Layered with passionate vocal hooks and influences from all corners of the pop punk, punk rock and emo rock world. With nods to Deaf Havana and Moose Blood, the 5 tracks provide a solid foundation for the band to make their mark with.“Being in our mid-twenties, we are all being pressured into getting real jobs and growing up”, Littler explains; “We won’t be hanging up our gigging hats for some wanker in an office any time soon. It takes a lot of bravery to laugh off financial security and join a band. You have to be brave if you want to follow your dreams.”

  • Brave Vultures ‘I’m Not Coming Back If You’re Not Here’ Tracklisting:
  1. This Is Where I Wanna Be | 2. Safe Ground | 3. If You Run | 4. With Me | 5. Don’t Let Me Down
  • Brave Vultures are set to self-release ‘I’m Not Coming Back If You’re Not Here’ digitally and physically on 16th September
  • Brave Vultures UK & Euro Dates To Be Announced Soon

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