As the revival of the classic 80’s hard rock and heavy metal scene continues unabated in the
21st century, one reunion has long been top of the wishlist of many a fan: the combination of
Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis under the L.A. Guns banner.

Now, what once seemed like a distant memory with no hope of return has finally come about and those supporters of the band have
been amply rewarded for keeping their fingers crossed and hopes up.

L.A. Guns never looked like pretty poster boys, unlike many of their peers, but rather the sort
of band that you would be terrified of bumping into in a dark alley. Yet, despite having songs to
back up that image, they could also write powerful ballads (such as ‘The Ballad Of Jayne’) that
displayed serious songwriting chops. Those chops are on show again on ‘The Missing Peace’,
the band’s brand new album and arguably one of the most vital releases in their catalogue.

The story of how we got from the powerful early years of L.A. Guns to here has been well
documented already. What is important to know is that the driving force behind all the band’s
classic songs, Tracii and Phil, are back in a major way. As inspired and excited as when they
first started out, but now with the benefit of years of wisdom and experience behind them,
‘The Missing Peace’ will please fans of not only their classic albums (the self-titled debut,
‘Cocked And Loaded’ and ‘Hollywood Vampires’) but also their heralded comeback releases
(‘Man In The Moon’ and ‘Waking The Dead’). In fact, the new record feels like the next logical
step after ‘Waking The Dead’ and sees the duo newly invigorated with this diverse set of
crowd pleasing dynamic sleaze rockers and epic, slower songs.


Philip Lewis – vocals

Tracii Guns  – guitars

Johnny Martin – bass

Michael Grant – guitar

 Shane Fitzgibbon  – drums