‘Nowhere To Go’ is the 4th single by London based psych/garage rock trio Junky Love, who consist of singer/bassist Axel Loughrey, guitarist Deniz Erdal and drummer Chris Corrigan. Recorded at Studio 9 in London, the song was co-produced by the band with Keir Vine.

Describing the lyrical content of the song, Axel states that “it is about self medicating and substance abuse. As anxiety and mental health issues reign over our sanity, many of us seek to numb that pain away. A marriage of drugs and alcohol is often the painkiller we fall in love with.”

An accompanying video for ‘Nowhere To Go’ has been edited in an abstract style and incorporates shots of the group amid a mixture of archive footage.

The band’s name acknowledges that everybody in society is an addict of some kind, with Junky also being an explicit homage to the debut novel by renowned US beat author William S. Burroughs.

Armed with a diverse set of musical influences that span the alternative/indie/psych rock spectrum from The Velvet Underground to The War On Drugs, by way of Killing Joke, The Birthday Party/Nick Cave, Pixies, Nirvana, Ride, Brian Jonestown Massacre, QOTSA, Interpol and Band Of Skulls, Junky Love have released three singles in the last year, beginning with the raw rock swagger displayed on debut ‘Hooked’, the fuzzy alt rock of ‘Love & Lust’, and the largely spoken-word ‘Post-Gentrification Blues’.

Axel Loughrey – vocals, bass, guitar
Deniz Erdal – guitar, bass, backing vocals
Chris Corrigan – drums, backing vocals