Shocking Stalker


Welcome back to the glory of the 80s!

With “Shadow Of The Sword” STÄLKER send you back on a trip in time to the wild days of raw Speed Metal mayhem. Heavy tempo driven songs up to full speed!

Your head will be crushed into a million pieces with a bunch of divebomb-overloads, thrash metal shredding, blastbeats and high pitched falsetto vocals. You certainly can’t ask for more. Songs like “Satanic Panic”, “Shocked To Death” and “Steel God” speak volumes. The track “Shocked To Death” is celebrating its exclusive worldwide video premiere HERE!

The band commented on the track:
“Meddling with forces beyond your comprehension, an evil force surges through your bones. Now overtaken by the rush of power, your body finally succumbs to this unnatural carnage.


Can’t get enough of STÄLKER?

Watch the latest videos for “Total Annihilation” HERE and the title track HERE!

Shadow Of The Sword” is set to be released tomorrow! Check out all the details including album artwork, track listing and formats below:

Shadow Of The Sword” track listing:

  1. Total Annihilation
  2. The Mutilator
  3. Path Of Destruction
  4. Shadow Of The Sword
  5. Satanic Panic
  6. Shocked To Death
  7. Demon Dawn
  8. Master Of Mayhem
  9. Evil Dead
  10. Steel God

Shadow Of The Sword” is out on November 17th 2017 in the following formats:


1CD Jewel Case

LP BLACK Vinyl Gatefold

LP GOLD Vinyl Gatefold (Napalm Records exclusive)

LP RED Vinyl Gatefold (Napalm Records exclusive)

LP SILVER Vinyl Gatefold (Underground Power exclusive)

LP WHITE Vinyl Gatefold (Band exclusive)


Get your hands on your copy HERE!



Daif King – Vocals, Bass

Chris Calavrias – Guitar

Nick Oakes – Drums

For More Info Visit:

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