Finnish fuzz-rock outfit Craneium launch the digital single “Shine Again” on August 13, 2021. Shifting from massive, distorted passages to blissful, psychedelic soundscapes, “Shine Again” highlights the dynamic and experimental nature of Craneium, while presenting a new musical dimension of the band. Craneium explains:

“No friends but the mountains… With Shine Again it really feels like we’ve taken our songwriting to the next step. This is the direction we want to take Craneium in from now on. We are quite happy with the vocal harmonies and lyrics, as it turned out to be both a love song and an ode to freedom. In the studio our producer and engineer Joona Hassinen from Sudio Underjord got us to perform at a level we feel we haven’t reached before. The mellotron strings added by Axel Brink (our former bass player and forming member) really gave it that little extra kick.”

“Shine Again” is the second single leading up to Craneium’s third studio album “Unknown Heights”. The album will be released as CD and LP via The Sign Records on October 15. “Unknown Heights” can be pre-ordered now via the band’s Bandcamp-page.

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