Royal Republic Ready To Rage


Consider yourselves warned

Royal Republic are not ones to stand in the corner at a party…

‘Weekend Man’ is their third studio album and their first for Spinefarm Records, and it’s instantly clear that these Swedish rockers – who first joined forces in Malmo Rock City in 2007 – would not only be jumpin’ around behind the decks, but also spiking the punch and leading the way on the dance floor and in the mosh pit!

Of course, at the beating heart of the band are four supremely talented musicians, with all members hailing from Malmo’s prestigious Academy Of Music; as a group, they show zero respect for musical boundaries, preferring to focus on Big Hooks and Mountain-Sized Melodies; the aim is to put smiles on faces and springs in steps, but when you marry that noble ambition to quality song-writing and skilful playing, the results are all the more potent…

“My whole education at university was about holding back,” explains drummer Per Andreasson, who has a masters degree in classical percussion. “It was always: ‘keep it down, cherish your sound’, but I just wanted to hit things harder and louder. WhenRoyal Republic came along, it was a great release!”

‘Weekend Man’ is the latest result of this desire to vent – a desire shared by Per’s fellow Republicans, frontman Adam Grahn, guitarist Hannes Irengård & bassist Jonas Almén.

Crafted in Berlin’s Fuzz Factory Studios by the German production duo of Christian Neander & Michael Tibes, the album follows on from 2010’s ‘We Are The Royal’ and 2012’s ‘Save The Nation’, but this time around the rock thrills arrive with even greater gusto – a bold statement of wild-eyed intent underpinned by the band’s signature sense of fun, as stylishly spot-lighted in the video for ‘When I See You Dance With Another’

Music history shows that third albums are very often the ones that define a group’s career, and certainly the Swedes had no intention of holding back when it came to either hitting things (Per) or stretching their musical wings (all of them)…

“We enjoyed making something that was a dynamic journey”, reflects Adam, “So you have these new adventures, these great little wild-cards along the way, stuff  like ‘Any Given Sunday’, ‘Follow The Sun’ and ‘American Dream’.

“Some songs just seem to fall into your hands out of nowhere, and ‘Follow The Sun’ was one of those. I guess the words are open to interpretation, but to me the message is crystal clear; it’s easy to have unrealistic expectations for your life, so every now and then you just have to stop and appreciate what you’ve already got…

“Today we’re a family, and I don’t think any of us would change things for the world. We’ve made a really strong Royal Republic record that’s totally true to ourselves, and we can’t wait to take it on the road.”

‘Weekend Man’ is set for release through Spinefarm on February 26th 2016 supported by on-the-road activity. Consider this an extreme entertainment warning.


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