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Debut EP on the way 

Conceived in Hull and spinning tales of hedonism, love, and debauchery,Indigo Bones are a garage rock band that have rock ‘n’ roll oozing from their pores. Armed with dirty guitars, wailing vocals and frenzied riffs, the riotous trio deliver their self-titled debut EP on Friday 16th December.

Indigo Bones found its beginning when vocalist and guitarist Chris Welburn, drummer Marty Hoyle, and bassist and vocalist Mark Swan, got together after having previously collaborated on past projects. With an affection for the craft and guile of Jack White and Royal Blood, the dynamic threesome soon shaped their sound and amassed a killer set, before they swiftly began to make their mark on the scene.


With the wind in their sails, the raucous riff maestros recently undertook a UK tour which has helped to garner a fan-base that is expanding by the day. The Northern rock crew are now braced for a speedy trajectory as they release their self-titled debut EP, armed with a barrage of shows penned for early 2017.

The band’s debut superbly opens with Vertical Sleep, a piercing, riff fuelled cut that hits you with a thudding verse section before Welburn and Swan’s dual prong vocal delivery sweeps over fleecy guitars and hammering drum lines.Delicate is probably the most dynamic track on the record; it infuses a soft melodic guitar riff and steady rhythmic backing, before exploding with the killer refrain “this is prescribed for bodies like ours, such a delicate arm…”. Next up, the dark growls of Silver Nosebleeds magnetise and are ideally complimented by an alluringly haunting guitar line that allows the song to crescendo to a stunning fuzz-soaked bass guitar climax. Elastic Patient drags down the curtain on the EP and showcases the trio’s raw punk edge, hammering your senses at breakneck speed with a flurry of frenetic drums and a wall of frantic guitar riffs.


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