If you put it into context that:

A: It was only a 60 min set rather than his usual two hour plus show

B: It was a support slot starting before 7pm

C: A number of the crowd only knew the hit singles

Taking into account all of the above points, Roger Hodgson‘s set tonight at the Stone Free Festival at the O2 Arena may just have been the greatest set I’ve seen in 38 years of attending gigs!!!

As soon as I saw that Roger Hodgson was added as ‘support’ to the ARW form of Yes I made plans to make the trip south for the show, he is one of those artists it’s well worth travelling for.

I pretty much second guessed the setlist on the journey down the M1, but it doesn’t matter how many times you see these Supertramp classics such as ‘Take The Long Way Home’, ‘School’, The Logical Song’, ‘Give A Little Bit’ & ‘Dreamer’ live…’s never enough, and the band Roger has with him these days make for some incredible shows.

One minor complaint is that the traditional umbrella twirling that takes place during ‘Its Raining Again’ at Roger’s shows didn’t happen…..mainly due to the fact it wasn’t his show and also that the O2 Arena would probably lock the whole area down if someone dared to approach with such a weapon.

His Royal Albert Hall shows in 2016 & 2017 were breathtaking but with a set tonight reduced by half and yet still finding room for ‘Fools Overture’, ‘Hide In Your Shell’ and all the big Supertramp hits… just have to take your hat off to Mr Hodgson and his superb band!!!

Roger Hodgson has just announced two dates at the Royal Albert Hall on May 23/24 2019

Do not miss these shows!!!!

Garry Foster

Unchained: Tuesday’s 10pm-Midnight

Prog Rock Files: Thursday’s 10pm-Midnight

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