Review: Will The Thrill – Sorry To Disappoint You (2014)


Missouri hard rockers continue digging up the past to move forward on new album.

William Clark Jr was a former first baseman in MLB from 1986 – 2000 firstly with the San Francisco Giants, where he now resides in the front office, and then he spent a spell in Texas with the Rangers, a short stint with the Baltimore Orioles before finishing his career at the St. Louis Cardinals.

The above is all interesting basic information if you care for America’s favourite pastime but what relevant does it bear to a heavy metal album review. The answer is simple. Missouri rockers Will The Thrill have named the band after Will Clark. Clark was nicknamed “The Thrill” for his attacking style. Even though he only spent a few months at the cardinals it appears he made an impact of the young rockers who bear his nickname. Of course, there is a possibility that the name is a coincidence and not related to the baseball legend at all. I’m sure there is an unconsciousness nod to him though at least.

Clark’s heyday was in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and it just so happens that that is where the music of Will The Thrill best fits. If Clark was knocking off home runs and RBI’s left right and center whilst Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Van Halen were topping the music charts then you can bet that three impressionable young oiks from Missouri would have been paying attention.

Despite the fact that the band’s music fits in with the glory days of Clark’s baseball career they are very much hoping that their best days are to come. An 1980’s sleaze/hair rock revival has already had one or two attempts at a comeback but you wouldn’t rule out a third on hearing “Sorry To Disappoint You”, which does anything but.

The cards are laid out on the table, a table smattered with cigars, cigarettes, wine, whiskey, and course, women. Kicking off with the defiantly anthemic “I Don’t Answer To You”, a riff driven ode to being one’s own boss as the title would suggest.

The second track “”She’s An Animal” is Ratt/Def Leppard hybrid that either band could have made a hit back in the day. It’s good to know that a modern day can still capture that classic 80’s sound without drowning themselves in cliches. The hard rockin’ continues apace with no let up in quality or self- control with tracks like “Better Off Dead”, a crowd chant waiting to happen, and “Say Goodbye” keeping the tempo high and the balls and bluster full force.

Of course, the odd lyric is cringe-worthy, just like it used to be, but it doesn’t distract from the music or the overall passion and sincerity of the band who are crying out to recreate the sleazier side of Hollywood from thirty years ago.

“In Your Wildest Dreams”, “Someday” provides the slower paced moments and conjures up memories of lighters held high in the air. They avoid the soppy and stick with the melancholy, a bit like the old Guns N’ Roses would, which the listener will be thankful for.

It’s fair to say that the mid-late 1980’s sound has not aged well so it’s a good job there are bands like Will The Thrill on the scene to inspire the next generation of losers, lovers and misfits. It’s time to get out your baseball bat/air guitar and smack a home run or two to the modern sound of the past.

The Band

Will – Vocals/Lead Guitar
Mojoe- Bass
Tony – Drums

Donnie’s Rating = 8/10

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