Wisconsin mob tickle Bernard’s fancy

The Mad Mad Ones are a twin guitar four piece hailing from Wausau, Wisconsin. I believe this is their debut recording and it is an absolute cracker. The Band’s website biography mentions bands like Queens Of The Stone Age, The Melvins, Tool, Audioslave etc. and whilst you can hear these influences, the sound they create is all their own. The tracks are all about ‘the riff’ and the interplay between lead and rhythm guitars reminded me of Crazy Horse (no better compliment) and the song structures are like early era Soundgarden. The end result is that anyone who loved the Temple Of The Dog album from 1991 or Soundgarden’s Louder Than Love will really go for this.

‘California’ opens matters and is one of the heavier tracks on the album. ‘Bury Me’ starts with a rumbling bass riff before the guitars and drums crash in and it’s a bit Alice In Chains (that’s a good thing!). ‘Floodwaters’ is more of the same before we get to ‘Dusty’. This is one of the albums stand-out tracks and has a crunching riff and hints of early Black Sabbath. After ‘The One’ comes ‘Black And Blue’. This is a thumping up-tempo song with a Desert Rock style reminiscent of Kyuss and it’s another stand-out track. ‘Dream Song’ could make it on to a Tool album and ‘Hold On’ is a bit mellower before album closer ‘Clarity’. This is 10 minutes of guitar melt-down that had me reaching for repeat as soon as it finished.

So as you can see, lots of other bands influencing the sound to deliver an album full of rock guitar contained within great songs. It is available from CD Baby and comes highly recommended.