Close on a year ago, we had Teiger on the site as a Band Of The Day. Amongst the words they used to describe their music were these: “anxiety but with an undercurrent of fatalism – of something that’s already been lost. It’s angry, chasing itself, yet still going through the motions. There’s a soothing appeal in the melancholy that hides its brutality.”

Listening to this debut album, it’s hard to disagree with these sentiments. “The Crawl” initiates the journey; it’s dreamy and floats along, perpetually building anticipation for a crescendo that never quite arrives. Even as we transition to “Sahara,” a track infused with a sense of urgency, singer Talie Rose Eigeland’s delivery retains a mysterious ’60s aura.

“Come And Find Me” takes a trippy turn reminiscent of what Purson used to craft. It’s a musical sojourn that pulls you into its psychedelic embrace. “Slow Burning,” a fitting metaphor for the album as a whole, thrives in the margins and within its intricate harmonies.

“Splinter” stands as a testament to the band’s artistry; much like the album, it isn’t crafted for the immediacy of 2023 but beckons for time to be appreciated fully. The skill of Phillip Eldridge-Smith on bass and Jon Steele on drums is evident here.

“Vendetta” may carry a weighty name, but it paradoxically offers a calming auditory experience. “Hydra” marks a dark twist in the journey, wrapping unsettling sounds in a hypnotic aura that grips your senses.

“The Law Of Diminishing Returns” is simultaneously unsettling and a testament to Eigeland’s remarkable vocal prowess. It’s a track that leaves a lasting impression.

As “Sunrise” graces us with its presence, it starts with a gentle piano and a bass rumble. Yet, towards the track’s conclusion, it subtly reveals its grandeur, cleverly deceiving you into perceiving it as epic. “The Thinnest Wall” is an embodiment of the beauty of progressive rock, a realm of ethereal melodies and enigmatic lyrics that leave you pondering, “To what does ‘Nothing brings us closer than this’ refer? Perhaps another world.”

“Look What You Do” skillfully underlines its progressive nature with a spoken word introduction, but it doesn’t quite follow expectations. Instead, it veers into classic rock territory with a touch of the West Coast, immersed in a lush soundscape of strings, embracing a genre-defying spirit.

“Clear Light” begins with a pure Yes-like flair, driven by captivating keys. It is a sort of understated conclusion as you’d imagine.

Despite its 2023 release date, this album possesses a timeless quality, seemingly plucked from any point since the late 1960s, firmly rooted in a musical space that transcends eras.

Teiger’s debut is a captivating musical odyssey, hinting at an exciting journey for a band with a penchant for beguiling compositions. Their trip, you suspect, is only just beginning.

Rating: 7.5/10

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