Hellcity – Kaotik EP – 2022


Having recently seen this band live (with UK punk drummer Jamie Oliver standing in on drums) first at Rebellion 2023 and then having played support to them in Nuneaton, I thought a review was in order of their EP I acquired. This is great stuff if not for the faint hearted.

‘Hellcity’ are an Indonesian punk band and over the years have become a real force in the punk and hardcore scenes at home and abroad. First track, instrumental ‘Intro’ is a hundred mile an hour opener showcasing their musical ability. They are amazingly tight especially given the speed this is played at. The guitar riffs are spot on, drums slick and intricate with some cool bass licks.

The song that bears their name ‘Hellcity’ opens with tight stops like machine gun fire, a sort of cross between GBH and Motorhead but played wickedly fast. This has a great chorus and an amazing metal guitar solo. The whole thing is well controlled but with a truly unapologetic sound and these guys can really play.

‘Blinding Light’ is straight into full on hardcore that then moves easily into a cool chugging riff with a great vocal and a guitar sound some bands would kill for. As if this isn’t enough, they throw in a frenetic guitar solo and some great technical drumming to end. ‘Chaotic Asshole’ has memorable guitar grooves that make this track really move and to me is the best track on the EP. The bass lick into the solo is a great touch. It’s no wonder I thought they were so good live.

There was probably no better way to end this hardcore punk EP with metal overtones than with a track called ‘Drunk as Fuck’. This tune   showcases their sound perfectly, with fast-moving guitar riffs, complemented by some truly great bass lines, thunderous drumbeats, and visceral vocals.

The band’s rebellious spirit is reflected in their songs which cover many social and political issues, complemented by their intense and often frenetic sound.

Great stuff

I hope they play here again soon.

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