REVIEW: Schizophrenia – Recollections of the Insane (2022)


Naming yourselves after an early Sepultura album is no bad way for a band to introduce themselves in the extreme metal world.  Particularly when said album is as highly revered as the Brazilians 1987 classic. 

Just before that Covid-thing came back this four-piece unleashed their debut EP entitled “Voices” which lit a fire under the collective asses of some of the old school death metallers who thought, unwisely, they could just continue to churn out rehashes of their former glories.  Schizophrenia provided a timely remainder that there are newer bands on the scene who are determined to push the genre forward without losing the grit, integrity and spirit that makes thrash fuelled death metal what it is.

Francesco Paoli (he of Fleshgod Apocalypse fame) was hugely impressed with Voices and as a result has stepped into the production chair for this debut album.  His knowledge and knob-twiddling skills are a perfect match for these European firebrands.

Nine tracks make up Recollections of the Insane with a runtime of over 43 minutes and believe me when I say not a single fucking second is wasted.  From the opening strident strains of “Divine Immolation” to the fading out energy of “Stratified Realities” there is nothing but finely honed power riffage, thunderous blastbeats, depths-of-the-soul vocal roar’s and technically arranged sonic brilliance.

“Divine Immolation” is a monstrous beginning to an album that doesn’t let up from the word go.  High speed tight technical riffing matched with fearsome drumming all backing the perfectly judged harsh vocals of Ricky Mandozzi and his unrelenting bass lines, makes for an unstoppable musical force that will only improve and refine as they progress to what will surely be unimagined heights.  That’s right, your next extreme metal heroes have arrived and they are ready for the fight.

“Cranial Distintegration” proves that we are not dealing with a fluke here.  This is not a band that has one outstanding track and then pads out the rest of the album with solid if uninspired metallic fare.  This band means every note of every track they create. All of the album’s nine tracks have moments of genuine genius world that elevate the tracks that never drop below world class level to begin with.  Those moments maybe a riff or guitar line or an atmosphere or a gut feeling that is rare to capture such as the solo of “Souls of Retribution” or the intensity of “Sea of Sorrow” whatever it is you will find it here.

Aside from Sepultura the band’s inspirations can be found in the greatest music the genre has had to offer.  From Morbid Angel, Slayer and At The Gates to the unmatched Death all those hours, days, weeks, months and years of absorbing the aural history of extreme metal has been time well spent.  Over the course of time this album may well be, and certainly should be, regarded as a benchmark in modern extreme metal.

Recollections of the Insane will be self-released on 18th February 2022.

Donnie’s Rating = 9.5/10.  A stonewall certified outstanding slice of modern extreme metal.  If the millennial metalheads want their own Slayer or Morbid Angel then here they are.  Dig in.

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