We need an opposition to the Tory party. Not you Starmer, not you Reeves, not you Raynor and the rest. You’ve failed us. You’ve failed the country. You’ve enabled these bellicose, lying bastards to convince the working class they are on their side.

We need this: “If they ruin us, we riot. All say aye. Raise your fist.”

Let’s go. I’m in.

That’s a line on “Blue Jacket”, the middle track of the three that make up “Too Young To Be Blue”. An excoriation of the Brexiteers, delivered with the passion and the anger that so marks the work of Scott Pickering and the lads: “Blue passport pricks, have you got your country back? Your arsehole kids will they spout the same shit as their dad?” he sneers and my God, these lads mean every word.

“Bodybag Your Scene” their 2019 record was basically essential. And, if I made the point in my review of the album that I didn’t understand a lot of the scenarios, but I did get the anger, that’s not the case here.

Rather, this collection of standalone songs the band released in lockdown while “shovelling shit in the pissing rain for 18 months” as Pickering puts it, are more universal. My politics are clear from the opening paragraph, I guess, but notwithstanding that “Young And Beautiful” is a more tender thing, and “Backwords 2” cleverly marries the two together.

Glorious choruses, enough crossover potential to make Skinner Brothers look like a lot of fuss about nothing to be honest. The bile with which the line “he reads The Mail, snoops the pages in ‘Spoons, pulls back the sheets in his lonely room” is delivered is frankly a joy to behold.

It’s clear that Riskee And The Ridicule are a force that don’t care for the “in crowd” or the “tastemakers” or the “ruling” class. Rather they are, one way or another, whether they have to kick the doors down or not, going to try take down the establishment.

I am not young, but I’d rather saw my arm off than be blue (in the political sense) and when Tubby is finally chased out of Downing Street, like the lying piece of filth he is, I want this band to claim squatters rights inside.

Rating 9/10