American purveyors of death metal magnificence Possessed release their latest studio album a mere 33 years since their last.  Not many things could be said to be worth a three decade wait but this might be one of them.  Death Metal Donnie delves a little deeper…..

The band’s iconic debut album 1985’s Seven Churches stands as a testament to the power and gut-wrenching emotion that death metal music can conjure in the right hands. Little did we know at the time that the debut’s follow-up 1986’s Beyond The Gates would be the last full-length studio release from the band until the present day.  Those two albums alone have secured the band’s place in the death metal hall of fame but after a sizeable lay-off the band have another gem to add to the collection.

Essentially we could sit and moan about three decades of lost music that Possessed could of, and probably should of, got through or we can just be grateful that the band is back and firing on all cylinders.  Take option 2 it’s much better for your damned soul.

A short intro entitled “Chant of Oblivion” leads into the first track proper and what a track it is.  “No More Room In Hell” is a bombastic remorseless ride at a pace more akin to speed metal.  They may have been gone a long time but now they are back they are not hanging around.

“Dominion” also exits the blocks like a greyhound with a rocket up it’s backside whilst “Damned” takes a slightly more leisurely stroll through the grim reapers quarters before kicking into full speed with zeal and relish of a band thirty years their junior.

Not everything on the album is full pelt as tracks like “Omen” take the speed down just a notch without losing their velocity and the final track “Temple of Samael” is a brief windswept acoustic moment that is slightly at odds with the previous eleven tracks.

The mix is sensational providing a full blown aural assault on the senses in the vain of the genre’s finest releases.  It’s a mix that enhances the songwriting and musicianship of a band that is reveling in a second life. 

This band is not a shell of their former selves but a new and improved version fit for death metal domination in 2019.  Everything about this album is on point.  From the crushing riffs to the thunderous bass lines and destructive drums the energy and commitment to achieve the very best and strip the rotting carcass of every sinew.

Old school death metal never sounded as new.

Donnie’s Rating: 9/10

Revelations of Oblivion is out now.