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Damian gets his prog on with this Swedish trio 

Port Noir are a three piece progressive metal outfit hailing from Södertälje, Sweden. They comprise of Love Andersson (Vocals / Guitar), Andreas Hollstrand (Guitar) and Andreas AW Wiberg (Drums)

“Any Way the Wind Carries” is the band’s follow up to 2013`s release “Puls”.

The opening and title track of the album “Any Way the Wind Carries” is an epic statement of intent. An anthemic piece with Love’s crying almost pleading vocals layered over the top of a sympathetic metal backbeat.

“Earth”, “Vous et Nous” or You and Us and “Black from the Ink” are melodic atmospheric outings with vocals that are at times almost spoken rather than sang.

“Onyx” is a more straight forward rock track making the best of Love’s haunting vocals.

The next couple of tracks “Diamond” and “Beyond the Pale” are more diverse offerings, slow rhythmic type of power ballads.

“Fur, Rye” is an eerie number with some rock out moments.

The atmospheric “Exile” follows before we are offered “The Sleep” a heavier rockier but still a little off kilter track.

“Come What May” is a more art cum alternative rock piece, which twists and turns as it progresses along.

The final number “The Oak Crown” is a slower eclectic narrative piece which closes the album out nicely.

I quite enjoyed this album; it was a mixture of anthems, ballads and some rock out segments.

Love’s vocals are quite unique but did remind me of Maynard James Keenan from a Perfect Circle, Gavin Rossdale from Bush and even Matt Bellamy from Muse. Fine company to keep.

Port Noir is well a band worth docking into.

Rating 7 /10

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