REVIEW: Molly and the Krells – Relationshit EP


Punk man Steve checks out these Aussies – and increases his wardrobe

This is the debut EP from Molly and the Krells, a tight punk band from Sydney. The title track ‘Relationshit’ has a wonderful name and lyrics to match. This is a very catchy song in a similar vein to bands such as Green Day, Rancid and Dirt Box Disco. With chugging guitar in the verses, a catchy chorus with great harmonies and guitar, and metal like solos this is a strong track and I could easily see a mass of punks singing along to this.

Second track ‘All for Nothing’ is a real rocker that to me also has a hint of early Buzzcocks and some of the very early punk bands but still feels new. This is the voice of angry disaffected youth with plenty of MF references with an ‘if you have something to say, say it’ attitude which to me is what punk is all about.  They are a tight band and the guitar work is excellent.

You’re gonna lose has a great heavy drum and guitar vibe and some amazing guitar licks. This is a bit like the Godfathers meets the Stooges and AC/DC. For me this is the best of the 3 and shows what they are capable of. What a great track.

All in all 3 great singalong punk tunes with hints of metal influence and they should really be gracing the stages of the Rebellion festival as they would go down a storm.

I would like to see these live and also like their logo  – must get  me one of those shirts.

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