I went to see W.A.S.P last month. Yes, Blackie Lawless mimed, they weren’t hiding it, but before he played “Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)” (his back to the microphone at one point and there was still vocals….) the big screen carried stuff from the congressional hearings with the PMRC and Tipper Gore, back from rock n roll could offend the nation.

These days, oddly, given we are all permanently offended, the target isn’t bands. It’s right wing scum getting upset at the Pride flag on the side of trains (as seems to be boiling piss this morning)  Lucifer Star Machine are in no doubt as to why: we are playing too safe.

So, they’ve go all out to go the other way. When a record contains this line “all you want, you fucking c**t, is censorship for everyone” as “Censorshipped” does here, and then adds they want to do “Everything that can provoke.” and taunts “You just want to muzzle everyone, I still say what I fucking want” you know what you’re getting.

Indeed, you’ve always known what you were getting with Lucifer Star Machine since 2014. And when it comes to “Satanic Age” you have been warned. Even for them, this is nasty, greasy and totally apologetic.

Like their other stuff, I am not sure they give two shits whether you like it or not – but like their other stuff, there’s few better at it.

“Psychic Vampires”, sort of groovy biker metal, sort of like Zeke if they slowed down, “C**t Of Destruction”( they tone the chorus down to merely yelling “C.O.D”). Motorhead, but with harmonies. Frankly, they sound like a scary gang, and the solo from Mickey Necro or  Mighty Ramon (whichever is playing it) is filthy.

“Black Axe”, which sees Tor Abyss (not too sure these names are real…..) yell “the pussy snatcher” for no reason, keeps it going the fabulous “I Wanted Everything” sounds like Volbeat and no-one is hiding it

“Purgatory Souls” exists on its lead – and given that it’s with us for less than two minutes of filth and fury, Peter Pan Speedrock fans need to get themselves here, while “Hard Luck Mary” sees Kit Swing join for a mellifluous duet, in what passes for Yin and Yang here, I guess.

There’s some brilliant stuff, even in the bluster. “Live Another Day” is built on Benny Zin’s bass groove, and you can imagine Misfits fans being pleased  “Naked City” starts with a gunshot just to prove they’re laying it bare. It claims its in a race with Satan, I know who’s winning.

Its something of a race to the finish too “The Life you Dread” boogies, and “Till Death” adds a Wildhearts-ish flavour to an album that mirrors.2023 in that its mean and nasty, yet its got some happiness that the last few years hasn’t had. “I’m thanking you for beautiful gifts you put in my arms” offers the last verse here, and that’s a note of hope to end on at least.

Just file under Uneasy Listening until you get there, or maybe “parental guidance”? Tipper Gore would be delighted

Rating 8.5/10

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