Here’s a phrase that’ll make your eyes roll.

Back before the pandemic in the autumn of 2019 (and isn’t it strange that we mark all time like that these days?) I’d gone to watch InMe in Birmingham. A couple of tracksuit wearing lads from the Fens opened. What was this? We wondered. To be fair, we still wondered this after they’d finished, but with more emphasis on the “was”. However, LeBrock were sensational.

In my opening for the review of the night, I wrote: “The last time I heard anything as 80s as LeBrock, I was at a school disco in about 1989 trying to get off with Dawn Hughes (trying is the operative word here) but they are pretty much impossible to dislike. Retrowave apparently – if you are one of those who wants to give things a label – the Peterborough duo are about as fun as fun gets.” And frankly, the only reason I didn’t write that as my opener for “Gone” is I am not sure of the rules about plagiarising yourself.

One of those records where you find yourself getting bogged down in existential questions like: is this pop or rock? Before you give up and just decide it’s the best thing you’ve heard. “Running Wild” soars. It’s astonishing how high it goes. Def Leppard’s “Hysteria” ain’t got nothing on this, bitches. Synth. Guitar. Rock. It’s got everything. Power metal bands the world over would want a solo like this.

All of that and more is all through these 15 minutes. The 80s drums on “Chemistry” rival that bit on “In The Air Tonight” And choruses, bruv? These boys shit ‘em. If you’re not screaming “don’t care about history” by the second go around here, then sound, move on, this isn’t for you.

And you know what the best thing about this is? The very best thing? This isn’t ironic. This isn’t Steel Bastard Panther, being all “whacky”. Where normally the 80s revival has more cheese than the American diet, not here. “See Me” and the rest mean every word. It’s quite something.

There’s even a ballad here to rival Robin Beck’s “First Time” – the first line here, “Devil in my pocket and it wants my soul” couldn’t sound more 80s if it tried, but you imagine its got phones in its sights, this is the 21st century after all? Frankly who cares. Just revel in its majesty.

If you like your music with a heavy side of metaphor, then look no further than “Gone”. On the opening line, they merrily reason “it all looks familiar, but nothing’s the same”. You think? Might they be talking about the music itself? Well….

“Gone”, is wonderful. It’s not wonderfully ironic, its just wonderful. So 80s it needs Shoulder Pads and a File-O-Fax, yes, but it’s the most fun you can possibly have in 15 minutes. Speaking of which, Dawn, if you’re reading this, I am still down for it.

Rating 9.5/10

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