Lemonade Shoelace aka Ruari Richman has been tagged as the “psychedelic sundae” coming out of Northern Ireland. His five-track extended play ‘Do Whatever Makes You Happy` is released this month.

We are introduced to this five tracker with `Is It Easy?` which opens with a dreamy introspective rolling beat and glistening synth swathes. It had, for me, that feel of a song at a night club where you make for the person who you`ve been eyeing up all night in the hope that they`ll say yes. A mellow and delightful introduction for what`s to follow. There`s a trippy upbeat almost retro psychedelic vibe to the wonderfully titled `Hopscotch In The Sky`. A track just made for those forthcoming long hot Summer nights with its enticing quality and yelps of joy. It veers off with a brief guitar solo midway and a keyboard or synth that sounds a little like a stylophone towards the end, marvellous stuff.

`Autopilot Paradise` has a kind of pleading in the vocal delivery mirroring the narrator`s insistency for the subject of their affection not to leave and consider staying all night. It painted a mesmeric dreamy mood scape with its enticing solicitation. There’s a slight time out for a synth solo which returns as the number fades out. A much more straightforward pop offering follows with `I Think My Heart Is Set On You` which possibly relates to realising that having time away from somebody has finally convinced you that they indeed are that special someone.

This offering concludes with `Do Whatever Makes You Happy`. A composition that tries to convince somebody to accept who they are and be happy with their lot. A simple premise with a positive attitude shared across some shimmering guitar riffs and synth tones floating about all over. A song for today`s Summer Of Love

There was so much to enjoy on this taster from Lemonade Shoelace. At times, these numbers were delightfully simple but overwhelmingly effective. There is so much talent that is clearly evidenced here and I expect to hear much more from Lemonade Shoelace and his enthralling dream filled psychedelic pop.

This submission runs to around twenty minutes in length so it`s a small amount of time to set aside for a sizeable reward.

Rating 9 / 10

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