London-based grunge upstarts KING NUN today announce their signing to Marshall Records, the renowned independent label. Their latest Single Selfish is an infectious and all-consuming track that marks the bands triumphant return.

Erupting with and barrage of chunky, overdriven riffs, and vicious leads, accompanied by Theo Polyzoides’ signature blend of caustic, yet romantic vocal lamentations, ‘Selfish’ is an instant earworm, and an exhilarating display of power from a band at their peak. Fans can stream the new track HERE.

“In various forms and with far worse titles, ‘Selfish’ has been with us for a while,” says vocalist/guitarist Theo Polyzoides.“Locked away in a remote recording studio, we wrote ‘Selfish’ through instinct and a ‘try, try, try again’ approach that drove us mad. After all the isolated introspection, we realised that this song talks about the struggle of maintaining our lives as artists as well as people, and how music often leads to falling out, missing major events, and sometimes losing relationships entirely. But despite the selfishness of it all, we carry on for those fleeting moments of clarity and the joy of expressing ourselves. In short, this is a melodramatic song about responsibility, and what we owe to others as well as ourselves. Perhaps the solution is to learn to be in several places at once or to split ourselves in two. Who can say?”

Commenting on their recent signing to Marshall Records, the band adds:

“The people at Marshall Records are great and they’re helping us make the music we really want to make; we’re having an incredible time.”


For the band that started as schoolfriends, King Nun have been on a long road. Consisting of Theo Polyzoides (vocals and guitar), James Upton (guitar), Nathan Gane (bass) and Caius Stockley-Young (drums), what would later become an official band started as friends bonding over their shared love of bands off the beaten path, from Richard Hell and Television to Sonic Youth and Pixies. Ethan Stockley-Young ( guitar, bass VI, percussion) would later join the ranks completing the band’s line-up. On this foundation, they built their own off-kilter indie-punk hybrid, exhibited on 2019’s Mass, cited by NME as ‘brutal and brilliant‘ andDIYas ‘a sound to be reckoned with‘. The band have built an impressive live reputation too, listing headline tours in Europe and the US, with Rolling Stone naming them ‘Best Rock Newcomers’ at Bonnaroo, and supporting artists including Foo Fighters, Black Flag and Gang of Youths. For more information head to


Theo Polyzoides – vocals and guitar, James Upton – guitar, Nathan Gane – bass, Caius Stockley-Young – drums, Ethan Stockley-Young – Guitar and percussion

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