Welcome to episode 2345 of “everything the lazy, clichéd bullshit music journalists tell you is wrong”.

See, back in 1991, we were told that rock is dead.

Yeah, sound.

No one told Kissin’ Dynamite – or indeed any of the other bands that couldn’t give a shit what they’re told is cool.

How else do you explain the fact that bands like Kissin’ Dynamite are on their eighth album?

How else do you explain the fact that this music has never gone away?

“Grab yourself an alibi, take a seat enjoy “The Game” goes the first line of the album’s title track—but we say forget that, grab your spandex, and be proud.

That’s the feeling throughout songs like “My Monster.” But for all that they’ve toured with Mötley Crüe, as ever with the mainland  European version of this sound, there’s a kind of inbuilt grandiosity—something that aches for Eurovision as much as it does the Rainbow Bar and Grill.

They are just superb at it. “Raise Your Glass” really wants to be Bryan Adams, and even someone who doesn’t love Bon Jovi could recognise a keyboard line that David Bryan would be proud of on “Queen of the Night.”

Fists are up in the air, and “The Devil Is a Woman” finds some lost Danger Danger. type vibe from 1989. Yes, you’ve heard it before, but so what? Do you think Kissin’ Dynamite aren’t aware of it? They’re doing what they love, and it shows.

Because this record has taken me back in time, I can’t help but think of it in terms of Side A and Side B. In that respect, the former ends with “The Best Is Yet To Come,” full of youthful expectations and hope, and the latter begins with a kind of soaring hymn to stoicism, “I Do It My Way.”

However, most of this is about fun—nothing more, nothing less. “More Is More” is the mission statement, it seems, and “Iconic” is what this album would have been in the days when MTV still played music.

The thing you can’t escape with Kissin’ Dynamite is the glee with which they do it. The scream that Hannes Braun lets out at the beginning of “Learn To Fly” is so real, and let’s be honest with each other here, you don’t need me to tell you what the filthy grooves of “When The Lights Go Out” sound like. Hell, the first line of the thing is “Giddy up, let’s go”…

They saddle up one last time for “Not A Wise Man,” and there’s a country, campfire vibe to its acoustics. Like everything else here, it’s done with love.

A love for their music, of course, but more so a love for the type of music they play.

You could end with a cliché and say “and 80s big arena rock” is ‘Back With A Bang,'” but that rather supposes it ever went away.

This is, though the album Bon Jovi should have made instead of “Forever”.

Rating 9/10

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