Devon mob make their debut statement

Originally released last year this EP is their debut. King Colobus haven’t – in this form anyway – been around for much longer themselves.

That said, the musicians that make up the band are an experienced crew, and the result is an EP that is rather more polished than the average new band can conceive.

It is an interesting and compelling four track effort too. KC’s shared love for blues is evident in the opening twang of “Get Up”, but that rather is forgotten as it does its Alt. Rock brooding. There is more than an echo of QOTSA here, and you suspect that comparison would be encouraged rather than brushed aside.

As the collection goes on, though, there are more than an enough unexpected pleasures to keep things fresh. The eponymous track here, for example has a more monolithic stoner type groove, but KC rather plough their own furrow. Largely because singer Stewart MacPherson sounds like he’s singing for Interpol rather than Orange Goblin, and by the time the fuzzy solo has kicked in, King Colobus have proved they don’t give a toss for expectation and are not bound by any such thing as convention.

“Tits And Teeth” is different again, not unlike Killing Joke at their least abrasive music, its acerbic condemnation of celebrity culture makes for a really impressive song, and most definitely the highlight here.

Appropriately for an EP that seems to want to pack as many things into four cuts as possible, “Wait” has all the arena dwelling intentions of Biffy Clyro, and would, you guess, sound great live if they really cut loose while playing it.

A first step, maybe, but there’s enough here to suggest that King Colobus aren’t going to go the easy route, rather they’ll do what they choose and all credit to them for that. This is a fine start.

Rating 8/10

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