“For A Broken Dime” is a musical gem that showcases the exceptional talent of the first Bulgarian band I’ve reviewed in recent years. With a pedigree dating back to their formation in 2011, Kikimora has embarked on a remarkable journey, collaborating with the National Opera Theatres in Bulgaria and creating cross-over performances that blend musical tributes with original compositions. The band’s impressive repertoire includes unforgettable shows featuring guest vocalists such as Jörn Lande, Joe Lynn Turner, and Doogie White.

The album opens with “Bound For Destruction,” a track that skillfully balances between AOR and prog, reminiscent of the style of artists like Jeff Scott Soto. It sets the tone for what’s to come and exemplifies the band’s immense talent. In “Spell Of Love,” Nikola Zdravkov’s powerful vocals channel the spirit of Ian Gillan, while “Fear And Greed” exhibits an epic heaviness that sets Kikimora apart from their contemporaries.

“Edge Of Freedom” brings piano balladry reminiscent of Dream Theater, and the soulful “Have Mercy On Me” is a tribute that Glenn Hughes himself would be proud of. One notable feature of the album is the unexpected length of some of the songs, demonstrating the band’s ability to explore and develop their sound further. Nikolo Kotzev’s exceptional guitar work shines throughout, reaching its peak on the exhilarating “Hit And Run.”

But it’s the title track, itself, that truly captures the essence of the album. In this piece, Kikimora showcases their unique ability to blend guitar and keys, reminiscent of legendary acts like “Deep Purple,” with Alexander Antov’s Hammond work being a standout element of the track.

The most ambitious and longest track on the album, “Father To Son,” serves as a testament to the band’s artistic depth and versatility. “I Am Eternity” ignites a real hair-raising, fist-pumping moment with its infectious energy. “Nightmare” takes a darker turn, almost bordering on metal, further revealing the immense scope of the album’s themes and musicality.

It’s astonishing to learn that “For A Broken Dime” is only Kikimora’s second English language album, considering the level of excellence it exudes. With thirteen years of hard work leading up to this release, they have undoubtedly become the longest serving overnight sensation in the rock scene. This album is a testament to Kikimora’s exceptional musicianship, remarkable songwriting, and their ability. Do not let it pass you by.

Rating 8.5/10

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