REVIEW IN BRIEF: THE DEVIL’S TRADE – Vidékek vannak idebenn (2023)


“Vidékek vannak idebenn” (loosely translated There Are Landscapes Within’) is a title that hints at the vastness and exploration that lie within this album. Dávid Makó, known as The Devil’s Trade, embarks on a journey to find something profound, which he considers a rebirth for the band.

The album opens with “Felkelék én,” an atmospheric track delivered in the artist’s own language, exuding a rugged and barren ambiance. As the journey continues, we encounter “Flashing Through the Lack of Light” and the title track “Vidékek vannak idebenn,” both of which are epic and weighty This record defies conventional categorisation; it refuses to be confined to any neat box, making it an unconventional listening experience.

The album delves into the realms of doom, establishing its own world, and creating a slightly ominous atmosphere. “Clear Like The Wind” encompasses all these elements and more. The track “Liminal” showcases a discordant rhythm, leaving a sense of lurking anticipation, as if something is awaiting its moment to strike.

In “Fordulj kedves lovam,” we encounter music reminiscent of old school Katatonia, set against a backdrop of plaintive emotions. “All Kings Must Fall” almost touches the realms of conventional folk, but its dark essence sets it apart from traditional expectations.

The journey comes full circle with “Új hajnal már nem jó,” concluding with a poignant cry into the darkness. Throughout the album, The Devil’s Trade creates an atmosphere that is not conventional or visceral, yet it intertwines itself with the listener, becoming an immersive experience. The ambition displayed in this work deserves applause.

“Vidékek vannak idebenn” is not an album that can be easily pigeonholed. It is an artistic exploration that reaches deep into the listener’s psyche and takes them on a captivating and haunting journey. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, its unorthodox nature and ability to lose itself with the listener make it a compelling listen.

Rating 7.5/10

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