Ed Snodderly’s musical passion is evident throughout his tenth solo record, “Chimney Smoke.” A seasoned musician with a deep love for music, Snodderly brings together an impressive ensemble of talented players, and with the renowned producer R.S. Field at the helm, the album promises to be something special.

The opening track, “Better Just Ride The Mule,” showcases the perfect harmonies provided by Amythyst Kiah while delivering a sound reminiscent of the Dust Bowl era. Snodderly’s vision for a quintessential “Southern” album that reflects his Appalachian roots and personal upbringing shines through in every note.

“Gone With Gone And Long Time” stands out with its classic folk vibe, and Gretchen Peters’ vocals add a touch of class. The lap steel adds emotional depth to the track, enhancing the listening experience. The title track, “Chimney Smoke,” takes listeners on a journey of reminiscence with its bluegrass-flavored stomp.

“There You Are” features the genius of Malcolm Holcombe, and Snodderly’s poetic lyrics with a hint of Dylan-esque charm. “Barn” captivates with its beauty and flawless musical execution, a true country stomper. On the other hand, “Just Like A River” surprises with its downbeat piano and bass, leading into a moment of gravitas and strings.

“Jump Dance South” embodies Snodderly’s warmth and timeless musical style, while “Crows Fever” showcases the soul of the album. “Walking In The Sunshine Again” reflects Snodderly’s sheer love for music, radiating brightly.

The album features some of the best singer/songwriter collections one might come across, with tracks like “Before School” showcasing Snodderly’s weathered yet compelling vocals. “So Far Away” and “The Diamond Stream” (listed as a bonus track) transport listeners to another time, a testament to the timelessness of Snodderly’s work.

Send the white smoke up into the sky, because “Chimney Smoke” deserves recognition.


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