You name it, Mitch Malloy has done it. Most famous, perhaps as the man who nearly replaced Hagar in Van Halen, he’s been the singer in Great White, recorded with everyone, written with even more, and now for “The Last Song” he’s played every instrument.

“I’m Living In Paradise” is almost perfect AOR too, uniquely American, while “One Of A Kind” neatly gets its fists in the air. The album showcases Malloy’s versatility and knack for crafting catchy AOR tunes that resonate with the listeners.

And when he delves into balladry, as on the string-laden “Using This Song,” it sounds just as it should – heartfelt and emotional, showcasing Malloy’s ability to convey deep emotions through his music.

Everything on this album has a stamp of class, whether it’s the bombast of “Building A Bridge” or the infectious energy of “I’ll Find A Way.” Each track is skillfully executed, highlighting Malloy’s talent as a musician and songwriter.

In the 80s, songs like “Sometimes Love” were receiving gold discs, and bands were filling arenas with “You’re The Brightest Star.” Yet, even after all these years, Malloy proves that he can adapt and change tack superbly for “I See You,” demonstrating his ability to stay relevant and connect with his audience.

The standout track, “The Last Song,” starts with the poignant thought “I’m just a singer in a rock n roll band,” and it exudes sheer joy and enthusiasm. It’s a radio-friendly rocker that leaves you with only one conclusion: Mitch Malloy is far from being done with his musical journey.

Rating 7.5/10

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